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Satun Island has got several well-known Islands that you can have a look via our local boat services. The Island tours plan is depended on the number of days you stay with us. Get more information below to see which package will suit your plan



We offer two main island hopping and snorkelling trips for you during your stay here. Our plans suit both short and long stay. Several Islands have been recommended to visit when traveling here. There are short programme plan and long programme plan for you to select.

Plan A consists of several well-known spots for everyone who comes to Satun, which are Koh Hin-Ngam, Koh Rawi and Koh Adang. Plan B takes more time to complete the whole trip as the boat is going a little bit further than plan A. There are several well known places in Plan B trip, which are Jabung Channel, Koh-Hin Sorn and Ahow-Lhing, which is one of the top spots for snorkelling travellers.




PLAN A ( Boat trip to Koh Hin-Ngam, Koh-Rawi, and Koh Adang)

Koh Hin-Ngam

Ko Hin Ngam, part of Adang archipelago, has attracted and inspired visitors from faraway lands towitness the unspoiled beauty of the island. Ko Hin Ngam or Ko Pulo possesses beautiful stones polished and shaped by the everlasting waves hitting the shores year after year.The smooth and shiny surfaced stones of various sizes ,shapes , and colors are an amazement to the sight of the beholders. On this island one can find these stones in black,blue, brown, red, mixed colors or stripes in round,oval, and other shapes.


PLAN B ( Boat trip to Jabung Channel, Koh Hin-Sorn, Koh Hin-Ngam, Koh-Dong, Koh- Rawi, and Ahow-Lhing)

Jabung Channel & Koh Dong

Jabang Channel is submerged rock, presenting jam-packed colourful soft coral garden dispersed with rock formations. It has good visibility at an average depth of 5m and a good variety of coral and fish. The current here is typically strong but to catch a glimpse underwater is worthwhile even several divers have quoted as saying that Jabang is one of the world’s top sites.

Shifted away from Adang-Rawi archipelago to a group of islands, about one hour by boat to Moo Koh Dong – peaceful atmosphere, coral reefs are prolific scattered around in the area. The outstanding island of the group is Koh Hin Sorn. Again, its name expresses the island aspect, the stack of stones.



A – Honeymoon Suite

As you rise each morning from a luxurious slumber, peel back the curtains to unveil magnificent water views. A – Honeymoon Suite offers the extraordinary charm of Koh Adang and Andaman Ocean. As your fun-filled day draws to a close, relax in the private living area overlooking the sea.

A – Beachfront Villa

Located at the closest area to the sea with double sliding glass doors provide magnificent views of your morning. Just a few step to the swimming pool and the our pricate beach. Beach lounge chairs are available so you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Andaman Sea. Just grab a kayak and snorkeling gear and discover the beauty of Adang Island.

A – Deluxe Garden Bungalow

A - Deluxe Garden Bungalows offer you cozy and comfortable experience with rustic architecture and modern furnishings. These bungalows are located close the pool and the beach; therefore, you do not need to be worry about the distances to reach our private beach. With the tremendous natural settings around the bungalows, you can enjoy the breathtaking nature with the birds of paradise.

A – Classic Garden Bungalow

Set back from the sea, located around the green natural settings. A - Classic Garden Bungalow offers you the experience to enjoy the sound of the nature including birds and small animals. The A - Classic Garden Bungalow is elegantly crafted with rustic architecture with the lovely decorations, allowing you to enjoy their comfort while receiving natural diversity of the private island paradise.


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    Adang Island Resort Facilities

    Adang Island Resort is much more a typical beach resort - we would like our guests to feel this place like home. With such an untouched environment around Adang Island Resort, you can enjoy the natural settings around Koh Adang. Most of our activities are outdoor activities where you can enjoy them by yourself.